BEEDEAL™ is a American vinyl sticker trademark, also a online store trademark. BEEDEAL sounds like "Big Deal", and it means that. Selling to worldwide customers who like stickers and based in China, We aim to provide quality sticker with best price. We are not just saying that, this online store makes it true because as a factory we are selling to our customers directly. There won't be huge transaction fee included in price like what in Amazon or bay or any platform. We won't deny platforms provide customer a safe shopping way but we guarantee it's also very safe to order in, because is just a newly opened store besides our Amazon ebay Aliexpress stores. BEEDEAL is a trademark we want to run forever. We started to make and sell vinyl since 2011 in ebay, later we started to sell in Amazon. To meet custom requirements like custom size and more color options, and to provide better price without platform transaction fee, we built our directly selling store and launched on 2021 Dec. We also welcome customers to our store in Amazon and Ebay if prefered, find store links in home page.

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